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Vietnamese painters’ works put on shown in New York

Outstanding artworks by 17 Vietnamese painters are being displayed at Craig Thomas Gallery as part of the CTG Nomad project in New York from September 23-26.

Among the paintings are “Khoang trang” (White space) by Le Thuy, “Co gai Vung cao” (Mountainous girl) by Ngo Van Sac and “Hoa Thang Tu”( April’s flowers) by Nguyen Tan Dung.

CTG Nomad is Craig Thomas Gallery’s roving gallery project to bring Vietnamese contemporary artists to the great art cities of the world.

The artists featured in the CTG Nomad NYC – 2018 include many of the country’s prominent painters under 40 years old, with several of them under 30.

They hail from all corners of Vietnam and work with a variety of materials and a diversity of art practices.

Their styles reflect a myriad of influences. Some innovate with traditional materials like silk or do paper while others pursue distinctive new paths.

Many have points to make about the social and political issues affecting their country, points which must be made with caution and an understanding.

Their assemblage for this exhibition is a result of more than a decade of explorative curating by the CTG.