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Vietnamese painter holds solo exhibition in Italy for first time

 Italy’s MoCA Cultural Association holds, for the first time in the European country, the solo exhibition of a Vietnamese artist – Henry Le (Le Huu Hieu) – entitled Soul Energy, a collateral event of the exhibition of the 14th Arte Laguna Prize.

The exhibition project, curated by Chiara Canali and promoted by MoCA and Arte Laguna Studio, presents 40 large-scale pictorial works and an installation of human-sized iron sculptures.

The title Soul Energy refers to the energy that pervades the soul of Henry Le, a primary factor that allows him to transfer his spiritual world into works of art, giving it a rhythm and an independent life.

Quoting Oscar Wilde's famous sentence "A flower blossoms for its own joy", Henry said that his works exist like flowers: you can enjoy them or you can profit from them. But those works still exist, and maintain their emotional life.

Henry Le was born in 1982 in Nghi Xuan, Ha Tinh, Vietnam and lives and works in Hanoi.

With an architect's past, for more than ten years Henry Le has chosen artistic research as a priority experience of his life, placing it at the center of every reflection, idea and visual practice.

He had a solo exhibition at the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum in 2014. He also took part in the Art Basel Miami and Contemporary Art Projects USA in the United States in 2016, and the 11th Florence Biennale da Basso in Florence, Italy the next year.

His exhibition Soul Energy was initially scheduled in April, 2020 but delayed to this year. It is underway at Arsenale Nord of Venice from October 2 – 12./.