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Vietnamese in favour of Government’s response to COVID-19: Forbes

Vietnam leads the list of the countries most supportive of their governments’ efforts to combat COVID-19, revealed a  recent article run by US magazine Forbes.

Contributor Mark Travers cited the latest polling data from the company YouGov which showed that 95 percent of Vietnamese people think their government is handling the pandemic “very” or “somewhat” well.

The author also noted that in reality, despite a population of 95 million and a close proximity to the source of the outbreak, Vietnam has yet to report a single COVID-19 death.

Of the 26 countries measured by the YouGov researchers, others that are handling the crisis well in the eyes of citizens include India, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Canada, and Finland.

Meanwhile, France’s daily Le Monde published an article with the titled “Vietnam's successful ‘spring offensive’ against COVID-19”.

It quoted World Health Organisation Representative to Vietnam Kidong Park as saying that risk assessment was done in early January, shortly after China announced the first infections.

“It is the result of an effective policy for identifying and monitoring infected and at-risk people and groups,” wrote the article.

“Vietnam has obtained prodigious results,” former French Ambassador to Vietnam Jean-Noël Poirier wrote to Causeur magazine while staying at a Hanoi hospital after contracting the SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19.

He also affirmed the transparency of the Vietnamese Government in announcing new COVID-19 infections and fatalities, stressing that he hospitals are not overwhelmed and the flow of patients, inbound and outbound, is under control./.