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Vietnamese durian given push in Australia

 A programme introducing Vietnamese durian and promoting its consumption is taking place in Australia from July 20 to 31.

“Vietnamese durian week” is being jointly organised by the Vietnamese Commercial Affairs Office in Australia and the New South Wales-based ASEAN company, which has imported 7 tonnes of frozen durian from Vietnam.

Head of the Vietnamese Commercial Affairs Office Nguyen Phu Hoa said that following the success of a programme promoting Vietnamese durian in Australia in 2019, the agency conducted surveys and sees great potential for the fruit in the market.

The program also aims to introduce other high-quality farm produce from Vietnam to Australia, in order to expand markets for a range of key Vietnamese agricultural products.

Hoa said the agency plans to arrange similar promotional programmes this year to further support Vietnamese businesses in introducing and promoting their products in the Australian market.

It will coordinate with another importer in Perth to organise a promotional programme for a batch of Vietnamese durian, which is scheduled to be exported to Western Australia in August, he added.

Frozen durian products, which are mainly imported from Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam, are increasingly finding favour among Australian consumers.

Vietnam’s durian plantation area has increased rapidly over the last decade, to 47,000 ha in 2018 from just 17,500 ha in 2008, with output increasing to 478,600 tonnes from 93,000 tonnes.

Vietnam is actively seeking markets for exports and improving the value of the fruit.