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Vietnamese circus acts shine in international arena

Vietnamese circus performers have left an impression on audiences worldwide, bringing hope of a bright future for the genre.
Vietnamese pair Pham Thi Huong and Truong Hong Thuy recently won gold for their performance "Du Son" (Red Swing) at the 2022 International Circus Festival which wrapped up on October 26 in Russia.

According to Deputy Director of the Vietnam Circus Federation (VCF) Tong Toan Thang, the performance of the two female artists was highly evaluated by the event's judges for the harmony between music, costumes, accessories as well as skillful techniques.

The award helped affirm the talent and position of Vietnam's circus art in the international arena, he said, adding that it is also motivation for domestic circus artists to continue to work for the development of their art.

In December 2021, Vietnamese acrobats Giang Quoc Co and Giang Quoc Nghiep broke their own world record by doing a head-to-head balancing act and climbing 100 stairs of the Girona Cathedral in Catalonia, Spain.

The duo originally set a world record in 2016 when they climbed 90 stairs of the cathedral in 52 seconds.

Guinness World Records proposed adding 10 more steps and the Vietnamese duo agreed to take on the new challenge.

Both artists left Vietnam for Spain on December 17 and spent several days training before the attempt.

Strict COVID-19 prevention measures adopted by the Spanish Government, including the closure of fitness clubs, affected their training. The two artists had to train and perform in freezing temperatures.

But their efforts paid off when they finished in 53 seconds.

Vietnamese artists also won silver and gold medals at international circus festivals in 2017.

VCF Director, People’s Artist Ta Duy Anh, said in order to sustain artists’ dedication, it is necessary to offer incentives in terms of salary, training, insurance and sustainable strategic investment.

If there is a focused, methodical and strategic investment in human and physical health as well as the application of sci-tech in the art, the Vietnamese circus will continue to shine, on par with that of developed countries around the world, he said./.