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Vietnamese blue-beret doctors support South Sudan people amid flooding

Doctors of the Level-2 Field Hospital No. 4 of Vietnam in South Sudan have provided free health checkups to locals and supported the Bentiu General Hospital in overcoming consequences of flooding.

Recently, heavy rains have caused widespread flooding in South Sudan, forcing many people to evacuate and causing the outbreaks of many diseases.

In that context, the Vietnamese blue-beret doctors, led by Major Le Viet Anh, presented medicines, cleaning chemicals and medical equipment to the Bentiu General Hospital.  They also offered free medical examination and treatment as well as medicines to more than 200 people hardest hit by floods, focusing on women and the elderly.

The Director of Bentiu General Hospital thanked the delegation and Vietnamese people for their helpful support.

Along with the charity activities, Vietnamese doctors have shown strong professional performance. Recently, they have successfully treated a Mongolian patient who suffered acute pancreatitis.

Before arriving at the Level-2 Field Hospital No. 4 of Vietnam, the patient took treatment at a level-1 hospital of Mongolia, but his condition did not improve.

After 10 days of treatment, the patient recovered and was discharged from the hospital./.