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Vietnamese banh mi loved in RoK

The increasing number of famous Vietnamese dishes and restaurants is a source of pride for many Vietnamese people. Recently, Phuong Hoi An – a banh mi brand has become the latest Vietnamese dish to reach out to the world.

Following the success of Pho Thin Lo Duc in Tokyo (Japan),  Phuong Hoi An banh mi (Phuong bread) has recently made its debut in Seoul of the Republic of Korea.

The first Phuong banh mi shop opened in the Republic of Korea is located in Yeonnam-dong, Mapo District, Seoul. After tasting nearly banh mi in 200 different shops in Vietnam, Korean brothers Kim Jong Beom and Kim Jong Hyeon decided to bring the delicious food to their country.

Each banh mi costs around 6 USD. Diners can choose to make their own banh mi from different types of filling such as ham, grilled meat, butter, and cheese, among others.