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Vietnamese Ambassador to UN affirms importance of technology in peacekeeping

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Vietnam’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has spotlighted the important role of new technology in peacekeeping, affirming that technology is an efficient tool to enhance the capacity to protect civilians and protect peacekeepers themselves in conflict hotbeds.

Talking to Vietnam News Agency (VNA) correspondents after the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) open debate regarding this issue on August 18, Ambassador Quy said that peacekeeping forces are currently one of the targets of attacks by terrorists and illegal armed groups using new technology, including the use of flying objects to carry weapons.

Therefore, it is necessary for peacekeepers to adopt new technology, even more advanced than that of the hostile forces, he noted.

In addition, with the application of technology, peacekeepers can perform their duties more effectively in a wide range of aspects, from information collection and analysis to early warning and control, the formation of strategies to deal with conflict hotspots and consequences, Quy stated.

However, the Vietnamese diplomat also emphasised the importance of technology transfer and continuous training for peacekeepers as well as cooperation forces of the recipient country.

According to him, Vietnam currently has two groups of peacekeepers: staff officers and soldiers working at level-2 field hospitals.

Vietnamese officers and soldiers in both forces have well mastered technology, and made full use of technologies that the UN is applying at its missions and field hospitals.

The UN agency specialising in monitoring this field appreciates the capabilities of Vietnamese officers and soldiers in grasping and applying technology efficiently, especially in information analysis and early warning, Quy added.

During its open debate, the UNSC adopted the first presidential statement on the use of technologies to improve the safety of peacekeepers, and a resolution that promotes accountability for the killing of, and all acts of violence against UN peacekeeping personnel./.