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Vietnamese action flick Furie 27th in US box office

Furie, Hai Phuong in Vietnamese, earned 145,000 USD from 14 theaters last week, according to Box Office Mojo.

Officially released in the US on March 1, Furie was a limited release (599 cinemas and under) film, while the top 10 movies in the U.S last week were all wide releases.

The film received a rating of Fresh (60 percent or more positive ratings from critics) in the first five reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the American review-aggregation website for films and television.

Directed by Le Van Kiet, Furie tells the story of a woman from the Mekong Delta whose daughter has been kidnapped. The fighting fit mother embarks on a journey to find her daughter against all odds and all the bad guys.

The film stars Ngo Thanh Van, an A-list Vietnamese actress, who has also produced the movie.