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“Vietnam: Travel to Love!” campaign promotes tourism

Launched by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the tourism promotion campaign entitled "Vietnam: Travel to Love!" ("Vietnam: Di de Yeu!") was officially deployed on the YouTube digital platform from January 7, 2021.

The promotion campaign draws participation of various young talent local YouTube creators such as Khoai Lang Thang, Chan La Ca, Fly Around Vietnam, and the Beauty Queen H 'hen Niê. On their YouTube channels, each of these YouTube creators will be an “online tour guide" to help audiences explore Vietnamese culture, cuisine, people and beautiful nature.

The campaign shows the determination of the tourism industry in using digital technology as a tool for supporting national tourism development. The tourism promotion campaign "Vietnam - Travel to Love!" will actively contribute to stimulating domestic travel and promoting and inspire Vietnamese to travel more in the future.

These YouTube clips are a useful information sources for travelers to learn about tourism products and destinations before making their own trips. /.