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Vietnam to install air quality monitoring system

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) is planning to design a system to monitor air quality across all provinces and cities.

The information was released last week at a press conference held by MoNRE.

The system will have a mobile application to give residents up-to-date warnings.

Hoang Van Thuc, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA), said recently the Government had assigned MoNRE to design a system by 2025 with a vision to 2030.

The system will include air quality monitoring stations in different cities hooked up to municipal and provincial departments of natural resources and environment.

“The system in big urban centres will have enough data to warn residents,” said Thuc.

Thuc added that recently, AirVisual, an international air quality monitoring website, compared air pollution in Hanoi with several big cities in the world. But it based its results on a station near the Au Co-Nhat Tan Road, so the data did not reflect the air quality across the capital city.

Stations in different locations would show different results, depending on traffic and building density.

Thuc warned that while work was in progress, residents should check air quality on the official website of the VEA or the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment.