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Vietnam to hold first memory championships in April

The first Vietnam Memory Championships 2019 will begin with the preliminary selection round on April 20, announced the Vietnam Records Organization (Vietkings).

The competition follows the rules and events of the World Memory Championships. As such, eligible candidates are assessed following four age-group categories of below 12, 13 – 17, 18 – 59 and above 60.

They will undergo 10 memorising events, including one-hour numbers, 5-minute numbers, 30-minute binary digits and 15-minute random lists of words.

The preliminary selection is also scheduled for May 19, June 16, July 21, and August 18.  The final will run on October 19 and 20.

The contest will select a champion, who will pocket 300 million VND (13,000 USD), first and second runners-up, who will obtain 200 and 100 million VND, respectively.

They will represent Vietnam at the World Memory Championships 2019 in Wuhan, China.