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Vietnam successfully grafts skin from brain-dead donor for first time

Ho Chi Minh City’s Cho Ray Hospital announced on November 17 that it had successfully performed skin transplant from a brain-dead donor.

Male patient L.V.T., 27, living in the southern province of Dong Thap, with 50 percent of third-degree burns of the whole body, is the recipient. After the transplant, the patient was discharged from the hospital in the second week. It is the first time this technique has been successfully performed in Vietnam.

Previously, on October 11, the Human Organ Transplantation Coordinating Unit at Cho Ray Hospital received information about voluntary organ donation from the mother of a 38-year-old male patient, hospitalised because of a severe cerebral hemorrhage and brain dead.

His family decided to share his live body parts to save those suffering from serious diseases.

When examining the functional status of the donor's organs, the unit received one heart, two kidneys, two corneas, and skin. These organs have been used for transplanting to six patients./.