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Vietnam Solar Power Expo 2019 opens

The Vietnam Solar Power Expo 2019 opened in Hanoi on September 25, drawing 48 exhibitors and more than 300 enterprises.

Held by Neoventure, a professional investment advisor and event organiser with its registered office in China and Hong Kong, which provides market intelligence and sources asset-based investment opportunities in emerging markets, the event is a chance for participating firms to share experience and expand partnership.

According to To Ngoc Son, deputy head of the Asia-Africa MarketDepartment under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in recent years, Vietnam has become a focus of many world leading firms in solar power and is likely to continue attracting more investors in the future.

Vietnam has now 82 solar power projects with acombined capacity of 4,460MW, making up about 10 percent of the total power production of the country.

As many as 13 other projects are underway, with a combined capital of 630MW, which are expected to become operational in late 2019, noted Son.

He said that the Government has also issued many policies to support the growth of the solar energy sector towards the goal of turning solar power into a spearhead industrial sector, advising businesses to make full use of this opportunity.

The official stressed the need for the firms to prioritise the green and sustainable development orientations.

Meanwhile, Vincent Chan, Regional Manager of Clenergy, said that the exhibition is a chance for businesses to introduce their products and seek investment opportunities in Vietnam.

He held that with various preferential policies in price by the Vietnamese Government, the renewable energy market, especially solar power, has high potential for development.

The expo will run until September 26, with various activities including conferences, technical seminars and forums.