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Vietnam shares ASEAN’s experience at UN Virtual Counter-Terrorism Week

The key to prevent and counter the threats of terrorism lies in addressing the root causes of terrorism, including unemployment, injustices, inequities, discrimination, marginalisation and unresolved conflicts, said Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Head of the Vietnam Permanent Mission to the UN, while addressing the Interactive Closing Session of the UN Virtual Counter-Terrorism Week in New York on July 10.

“We must remain firmly committed to resolving conflicts, eradicating poverty, promoting sustained economic growth and development and ensuring respect for human rights for all,” Quy told the online debate titled “Member States’ Counter-Terrorism Priorities in the Post COVID-19 Environment – Synergies and Complementarities between the COVID-19 and the Counter-Terrorism Agenda”.

He stressed that international cooperation and capacity building is ever more critical to effectively detect, identify, investigate and prosecute terrorists and serious criminals.

The Vietnamese representative affirmed countering terrorism, radicalisation and violent extremism, including new forms of terrorism, has always been a high priority for ASEAN.

The ASEAN Plan of Action to Prevent and Counter the Rise of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism 2018-2025 has been effectively implemented, complementing international efforts under the United Nations framework, he added.

He also noted that any measures to prevent and combat terrorism must fully comply with the relevant obligations under international law, in particularly the United Nations Charter, including its purposes and principles, as well as obligations under human rights law and international humanitarian law.

He reiterated the Vietnamese Government’s firm position to reject and condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

The Virtual Counter-Terrorism Week, initiated by the UN Office of Counter-terrorism, took place from July 6-10, with over 10 dialogues and seminars held online and over 1,000 delegates.