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Vietnam seeks AI training and investment

Charles Ng, Appier’s Vice President in charge of Enterprise AI, agreed, saying that for successful AI adoption, a company’s data must be solid.

“Getting solid data infrastructure in place is still a big challenge that businesses in Vietnam face,” he said.

However, experts said they are optimistic about Vietnam’s AI future.

“We have become more serious on this matter; what Vietnam can do now is to strengthen its programme on data engineering, data mining and databases,” he said.

“But most of all, we have to create a community for AI and nurture it,” he said.

According to a survey on 500 Vietnamese firms conducted in 2018 by Vietnam Report, only 13.6 percent have invested in AI in production and business; 18.2 percent are studying the model and 18.2 percent have plans for investment in the coming two to three years. Almost 50 percent of the surveyed companies do not have plans for AI investment yet.