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Vietnam News Agency advancing towards major national multimedia agency

As multimedia and multi-platform journalism is becoming popular all over the world, the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) has been making concrete moves to succeed as a multimedia agency that provides various forms of news services, ranging from printed newspapers, radio, television, online newspapers, multimedia services, and books.

Equipped itself with modern technologies, the VNA has worked relentlessly to solidify and harness its position as a provider of source information for domestic and international press agencies as well as the public.

The VNA has developed itself as a multimedia agency early, with a network of 16 news units, 63 representative offices across cities and provinces nationwide and 30 others located abroad.

Its first online newspaper – VietnamPlus – debuted in 2008 and television channel Vnews two years later. Various online newspapers and websites have also been launched since then, such as,,,, Vietnam Pictorial, and among others. In 2017, the news agency expanded its database-documentation centre into the Database-Documentation and Infographic Centre, which produces infographics, motion and interactive graphics.

Publications of Vietnam Pictorial are now written in ten languages, including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Khmer, Lao and Russian.

It has popularised its news stories on social media networks since September 15, 2015, starting with those in Vietnamese, and later English, French, Chines and Spanish.

With a goal of keeping up with today’s journalism trends and targeted investment, many of its news outlets have successfully applied modern technologies to create news in multiple modern forms – Megastory, Long-form, RapNews, Live-streaming, Podcast, Infographics, Timeline, Photo 360, and Audio. These are also owing to innovative mindset of its reporters who have strived to sharpen both their professional and technological skills.

The VNA has also been giving priority to developing infrastructure and a centralised operation system for multimedia coverage to provide necessary input for production of news on various platforms.

By doing this, the VNA hopes to make active contributions to national building and safeguarding, as well as the country’s socio-economic development. It has been expanding cooperation with more than 40 news agencies and press service providers globally, so as to dedicate to developing relations between Vietnam and other countries and promoting Vietnam’s international integration./.