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Vietnam highlights international cooperation in COVID-19 combat

Permanent Deputy Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son emphasised the importance of international cooperation in the COVID-19 fight during the third phone talks with leaders of the ministries of foreign affairs of the US, Japan, the Republic of Korea (RoK), India, Australia and New Zealand on April 3.

Son cited the appeal to all Vietnamese people by Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong on March 30, as well as directions by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, to reiterate the Vietnamese State and people’s resolve to prevent and control the pandemic.

Briefing his counterparts about the COVID-19 situation in Vietnam, Son said aside from the measures he shared during the previous phone talks, the Vietnamese Government has been stepping up actions to contain the spread of the coronavirus, including social distancing nationwide in 15 days starting on April 1.

Highlighting the significance of international cooperation in the disease prevention and control, the deputy minister said the PM and leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam have continually held phone talks with partners around the world to share experience and propose countermeasures against the COVID-19 pandemic.

He suggested other countries’ governments continue making political commitments so as to ensure that countries can access and have their demand for COVID-19 vaccines and medicines met if researches are successful.

Son also proposed foreign governments encourage their countries’ businesses to maintain overseas investments, affirming that the Vietnamese Government pledges to support foreign investors’ production and business activities.

During the phone talks, the official of the US Department of State also affirmed that international cooperation plays a crucial role in the COVID-19 prevention and control, noting the US is focusing on producing medical equipment and it will soon have sufficient facilities to serve domestic demand and assist other countries.

This diplomat asked other countries to keep working closely together to repatriate their citizens and said the US is ready to cooperate with them in this regard. He also thanked the countries for their participation in weekly phone talks, considering this an effective information channel helping to boost their coordination in the COVID-19 fight.

The deputy foreign ministers of Japan, the RoK, India and New Zealand informed about their countries’ moves in response to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, their Australian counterpart offered thanks to the countries, especially Vietnam and the US, for helping to repatriate Australian citizens, saying that it is necessary to increase sharing information and maintain goods transportation routes, particularly for medical supplies. The official added that Australia will continue assisting some South Pacific and Southeast Asian nations.

Concluding the phone talks, the participants affirmed that they will maintain information exchanges and boost international cooperation in the disease prevention and control in the time ahead./.