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Vietnam festival in Japan draws large crowds

The two-day Vietnam festival was started on September 8 in Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture, drawing large crowds of spectators as it is one of the most expected in the country.

Opening the festival, Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong said the event is being organized to intensify the cultural and economic exchanges between Vietnam and the prefecture. This year’s event is of special importance as it happens while the two countries are celebrating the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the bilateral diplomatic relations, he stressed, adding the success of the festival will surely contribute to the pushing up and broadening of the relations between the two countries.

Highlighting the significance of the festival, Kanagawa governor Kuroiwa Yuji described the event as an important bridge to develop the relations between Vietnam and the prefecture. As the number of Vietnamese working, studying and living in Kanagawa is increasing, the event will help the community have more energy and spirit to make further contributions to the development of the prefecture in particular and of the relations between the two countries in general, the governor said.

The festival hosts over 100 pavilions showcasing Vietnam’s gastronomy, handicraft and cultural products. Japanese and other foreign visitors also have a chance to enjoy performances of Vietnam’s folk arts and films.