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Vietnam Educamp 2019 envisions new prospects for education

The Vietnam Educamp 2019, a forum on education, was held in Hanoi on August 17, giving a chance for educators and experts to share their ideas, experience and research results on issues related to education at all levels and vocational training.

Addressing the event, Assistant Prof. Dr. Le Anh Vinh, Vice Director of the Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences said that the 2019-2020 academic year marks a new milestone in schooling with the introduction of new textbook and curriculum starting from 2020.

He highlighted remarkable achievements in the sector since 2011, such as the strong commitment to education as seen in the fact that budget allocation for the sector has always accounted for 20 percent of total public investment and 5.8 percent of the GDP, which is a high level in the region.

Equitability is another strong point of Vietnam’s education recognised by the international community. The country completed the goal of universalisation of elementary education in the early 2000s, secondary education in 2010 and pre-school education for five-year-old children in 2017, he noted, adding that the school attendance ratio of children from disadvantaged groups and ethnic minority groups has been improving.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese education quality has rising, evidenced by PISA evaluation results or achievement of students in international contests in different areas, said Vinh.

However, he pointed out that Vietnamese students are assessed to be lacking in studying motivation and skills. The education of morality and lifestyle has yet to receive adequate attention, he added.

Vinh stressed the need to design diverse school curriculums to suit different groups, thus optimising the capacity of each individual.

Participants at the event presented their ideas on the new curriculums for schools, education technologies, as well as issues related to human resources development, special education, non-school education, education management and education ideology.-VNA/VNP