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Vietnam Days Abroad 2022 to take place in Austria, India, RoK

Vietnam Days Abroad 2022 to take place in Austria, India, RoK


Vietnam Days Abroad 2022, with a diverse combination of online and offline promotional activities, will be held in Austria, India, and the Republic of Korea (RoK) on the occasion of the anniversaries of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and these countries.

The programmes not only contribute to tightening the friendship and tradition, strengthening multifaceted cooperation between Vietnam and these countries, but also promote the image of Vietnam as a beautiful, stable country that is dynamic and rich in culture.

Towards the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Austria, Vietnam Days in Austria 2022 will take place from September 28 to 29 in Vienna. The programme will be attended by Vietnamese Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son during his official visit to Austria, and other politicians, businesses, and people in Austria. Within the framework of the programme, Son will cut the ribbon to officially open the Vietnam Cultural Space, co-chair the Ceremony of the 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and deliver opening remarks at the Vietnam - Austria Business Forum.

Vietnam Days in Austria 2022 will provide the public with an overview of the 50-year friendship and partnership between Vietnam and Austria, and opportunities for stronger trade and economic cooperation. At the same time, it offers participants a chance to experience unique traditional art forms of Vietnam, such as Vietnamese tea art, Dong Ho folk painting, lacquer painting, and traditional musical performances. In particular, at the Ceremony of the 50th anniversary of Vietnam - Austria relationship, the symphony orchestra of the Vietnam National Academy of Music will join Austrian artists to perform some outstanding musical works from the two countries.

Vietnam Days in India 2022 is projected to be held from November 3-4 in New Delhi to mark the 50th anniversary of Vietnam - India diplomatic relations. The programme comprises a number of meaningful activities in the fields of economy, culture, and politics, notably the art performances to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and India, and Vietnam - India business forum. At the opening of the Vietnam Cultural Space, visitors will have opportunities to learn about Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine, tea art, and experience other cultural promotional activities.

Taking place in Seoul on the sidelines of the Vietnamese high-level leader's official visit to the RoK from the end of November to the beginning of December, Vietnam Days in Korea 2022 is a series of activities that aims to celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the RoK. The programme will contribute to promoting the image of the country and people of Vietnam as well as tightening the friendship between the two countries.

Some highlights of Vietnam Days in Korea 2022 are the ceremony of the 30th anniversary with the participation of high-level leaders of the two countries, business forum, movie exchange, and food exchange. The programme recalls the 30-year journey of Vietnam - RoK diplomatic relations, and at the same time introduces Vietnamese traditional art forms to the public in the RoK in the Vietnam Cultural Space.

Speaking at the press conference held on September 23 on the announcement of the events, Tran Quoc Khanh, Deputy Director of the Department of Cultural Diplomacy & UNESCO Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stressed that this year was the right time for the return of Vietnam Days Abroad programme, starting with a series of remarkable activities in Austria, India, and the RoK.

He also highlighted the need to strengthen cooperation between Vietnam and countries in the world, and introduce the image of a beautiful, vibrant, and promising Vietnam to the international public, including the overseas Vietnamese community, thereby promoting bilateral and multilateral cooperation opportunities in all fields.

Under the framework of Vietnam Days in Austria, India, and Korea 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with partners, officially launched two new promotional products on digital platforms, including Virtual Exhibition: Vietnamese Lacquer Painting with German and Korean versions, and Video Games about Vietnamese culture (Lac Viet Adventures). In particular, the German and Korean version of Virtual Exhibition: Vietnamese Lacquer Painting is updated from the 3D lacquer art exhibition which was published in December 2021 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vietnam Fine Arts Museum. The exhibition introduces outstanding Vietnamese lacquer works, lacquer development history, and Vietnamese lacquer painting techniques to the public in Austria, India, and the RoK. 

As for the video game, Lac Viet Adventures showcases the uniqueness and beauty of Vietnamese culture. With a design inspired by aesthetic elements in Vietnamese culture and simple gameplay, Lac Viet Adventures offers a platform where players can be tourists to Vietnam to explore the landscapes, learn about daily life, and experience unique folk games.

“Vietnam is a country with a long history and cultural tradition with many cultural heritages and natural wonders recognised by the world. Vietnamese people are confident to integrate with the world with all our good qualities. We are closely coordinating with partners, increasing the application of modern technology to further promote cultural values of Vietnam to the overseas Vietnamese community and international friends,” said Khanh. 

Vietnam Days Abroad 2022 is organised by the Department of Cultural Diplomacy and UNESCO Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnamese embassies in Austria, India, and the RoK, and other partners including Mark&B, My Thanh, and Le Group./.