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Vietnam adjusts entry regulations based on non-discriminatory principles

Adjustments to Vietnam’s entry regulations amid the rapid and complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic are based on the principle of non-discrimination, said spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang on March 20.

She said that in the context of the outbreak, many countries and territories, including member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), have put restrictive measures in place at different levels for the entry of foreigners.

Vietnam’s recent measures are based on the development of the pandemic and in accordance with the provisions of International Health Regulutions. They are being carried out on the principle of non-discrimination, she affirmed.

Compulsory health monitoring and quarantine measures are applied to both Vietnamese and foreigners with the primary goal of ensuring the safety and health of Vietnamese citizens and overseas visitors in Vietnam, as well as preventing and curbing the spread of the pandemic in the community, the spokesperson said.

Vietnam highly appreciates and hopes to receive more understanding, sharing and cooperation from other countries and territories in implementing these decisions.

The country will continue keeping a close watch on the situation to promptly make appropriate adjustments, Hang said.

While answering reporters’ queries about whether there is discrimination of foreigners during COVID-19, the spokesperson stressed that the country’s ministries and localities have taken measures according to the government’s directions to prevent the pandemic effectively as well as ensuring the safety and health of Vietnamese and foreign citizens in Vietnam.

In a humanitarian spirit, the Vietnamese government has instructed care and support to ensure both locals and foreigners have normal and safe daily life and receive medical monitoring, care and treatment when necessary. Those actions have been highly appreciated by foreign citizens, authorities of other countries and the international community.

Vietnam thanked other countries and territories for their close coordination and regular updates on the situation of Vietnamese citizens overseas as well as for helping them to address difficulties caused by the pandemic and offering active treatment for infected cases.

Vietnam hopes that a humanitarian, fair and non-discriminatory spirit will be upheld and spread throughout the world so that citizens of all countries and territories are ensured security, safety, and good health care, the spokesperson said.

She added that Vietnam believes that with the joint efforts of the international community, the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be repelled./.