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Vietnam actively prepares for sending policemen to UN missions

Vietnam is actively preparing to send its policemen to UN peacekeeping missions, said Lieut. Gen. Tran Van Ve, Acting General Director of the General Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security, at the United Nations Chiefs of Police Summit (UNCOPS) that took place in New York on June 21.

Currently, Vietnam is joining hands with the international community to overcome consequences of conflicts in the world, Ve said at the summit which drew the attendance of police chiefs from 193 UN member countries.

More than 30 Vietnamese military officers have engaged in peacekeeping missions in South Sudan and Central Africa, he noted.

He said that Vietnam highly evaluated the UNCOPS mechanism and believed that it will help optimise values of UN police forces, contributing to ensuring peace, settling security challenges, and promoting efforts in protecting social order in national and UN scales.

The UNCOPs also helps strengthen partnership and share information and experience among member countries and partners, Ve said, adding that Vietnam strongly supports and hopes the mechanism will continue to be maintained and developed.

He stated that currently, the situation of organized and trans-national crimes in the world and the region is developing complicatedly with different forms, including drug-related crimes, weapon and human trafficking, money laundry, international economic crimes and high-technology crimes.

These are big challenges to law enforcement forces in all countries in the world and Vietnam in particular, Ve stressed.

In order to cope with these challenges, Vietnam has coordinated closely with police forces of other countries, he said, adding that the cooperation results have been recognised and lauded by the international community, continuing to fulfilling the common goals of the international law enforcement forces and protecting security, peace, human rights, prosperity and sustainable development.

To further promote the efficiency of operations of the UN police force, Ve suggested stronger collaboration between the force and existing police mechanisms such as Interpol, Europol and ASEANPOL, aiming to share information and coordinate more smoothly in operations.

The member countries should also increase the sharing of resources and information with the UN police force, thus maximizing their assistance in building and improving capacity for police who will join UN peace keeping operations.

The UN police was first deployed in 1960. Over the past 58 years, the force has become a key pillar of the peacekeeping operations. Currently, the force has about 11,000 officers from 89 countries, who have been deployed to UN missions around the world.