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Various activities to mark International Women’s Day

A wide range of activities will be held in March in response to the International Women’s Day (March 8), according to the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women’s Union.

An outstanding event this year will be a ceremony to present the Kovalevskaia Award for 2022, scheduled to be held in concurrence with a meeting of female leaders and managers of ministries, sectors and agencies on March 7.

The award is named after Russian mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaia and was first presented in Vietnam in 1986. The prestigious annual award is presented to female scientists and organisations with achievements in research and scientific application in daily life, bringing benefits in different fields including economy, society and culture.

An event to launch the 2023 Women Start-up Competition and a project on supporting cooperatives managed by women and creating jobs for female workers to 2030 will be organised in the first half of this month, the committee said.

On this occasion, a contest to create media products to raise awareness on gender equality and solve social problems related to children in ethnic-inhabited and mountainous areas will be launched. The aim is to establish effective communication initiatives, solutions and products created by secondary school students in order to realise gender equality, and eliminate gender stereotypes, domestic violence and trafficking in women and children.

The Vietnam Women’s Union also plans to coordinate with UN Women in Vietnam to hold an international seminar named “Women with STEM and Cyberspace”.

Along with the “Ao dai" (Vietnamese long gown) Week, held annually since 2019, a photo exhibition will be opened at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum on March 7./.