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US symposium features life, career of President Ho Chi Minh

An online symposium on the life, thoughts and career of President Ho Chi Minh took place in New York on May 19 on the occasion of the late leader’s 130th birthday.

The event was co-organised by the Vietnam Mission to the United Nations, Vietnamese representative agencies in the US, and the associations of Vietnamese students in New York and Boston.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the UN, said President Ho Chi Minh left many invaluable legacies for later generations, with the largest one being his contribution to the struggle for national liberation.

After the country regained freedom and independence in 1945, a number of Vietnamese intellectuals worldwide decided to return to Vietnam to revive the country thanks to the late President’s great influence.

The second largest legacy is the President’s Thoughts in diverse areas, he said, adding that the late leader was aware of the role of other countries and respected them.

According to him, he was most impressed by the President’s forecasting ability.

President Ho Chi Minh attached importance to the power of great national and international unity, leading the country from success to success, he said.

The ambassador also shared documents and literary works on President Ho Chi Minh with Vietnamese students and answered their questions regarding the application of Ho Chi Minh’s Thoughts in Vietnam’s diplomatic orientations in the current context.

The same day, the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos held a meeting to celebrate the occasion.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria and the Vietnamese Consulate General in Russia’s Vladivostok city also organized events to commemorate the late leader./.