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US Navy officers visit Da Nang’s centre for mentally ill patients

Members of US Navy ships and aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson visited the Da Nang Nursing Centre for the Mentally Ill on March 6, as part of their first-ever trip to the central city.

During the visit, they presented gifts to the centre and took part in different games, such as tug of war, breaking earthen pots, and pouring water into bottles. These games are regular activities of the centre to help patients enhance physical strength and memory.

The US naval vessels, including missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain and missile destroyer USS Wayne E.Meyer, began their visit to Da Nang on March 5.

In the evening of their first day in the city, an US navy band took stage to the east of the local Dragon Bridge, attracting a crowd of audiences.

During the visit, commanders of the US Navy ships are scheduled to pay courtesy calls to leaders of Da Nang city, the Commander of the Vietnam Navy, and the High Command of the Naval Zone 3.

US officers and sailors will join community activities in Da Nang, such as music performances, sport exchange and visits to SOS children’s village, the Social Sponsorship Centre, and the Centre for Orphan Children.

They will also share their technical expertise in water and electricity supply, response to disasters, firefighting, health care and personnel training on aircraft in several local venues.

The visit will contribute to continuing bolstering relations between Vietnam and the US to match their comprehensive partnership and at the same time to maintaining peace, stability, security, cooperation and development in the region.

The visit is expected to improve Vietnam’s role and stature in the region and the world, contributing to popularising the country and people.

The ships will leave Tien Sa port on March 9.