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US Express delivers authentic products to Vietnam

Products from well-known US brands like Sephora, Victoria's Secret, Lacoste, Nike, Adidas and Coach will be shipped to Vietnamese customers more quickly and conveniently than ever.

US Express, an e-commerce business specialising in purchasing and shipping goods from the US to Vietnam, launched on April 18 in Hanoi.

It announced a system to connect users with Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook, two of the world’s biggest sellers of discounted authentic products.

The US is the birthplace of many brands known and loved by consumers around the world, including in Vietnam. However, prices and shipping time remain obstacles for Vietnamese consumers, with many US websites blocking access or charging membership fees, according to Chien Pham, CEO of US Express. He also said payment and shipping can be quite complicated when buying from overseas.

“Embracing the desire to help Vietnamese consumers purchase US goods easily from home, US Express was born to improve the cross-border e-commerce market with hi-tech solutions on an automated platform,” Pham said. “With a few simple clicks, Vietnamese consumers can now easily buy the products they love, pay automatically and follow the shipping process through our site.”

US Express is connected with Amazon, the world’s leading player in e-commerce with more than 400 million products in different categories. It is also connected to Costco, the largest warehouse in the US that only provides services to members.

“US Express focuses on technology development and now has connected to six US e-commerce platforms already,” Pham said. “Moreover, we have warehouses and offices and are working to become the leading cross-border e-commerce platform in Vietnam.”