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US-DPRK Summit 2019: Moscow teleconference talks DPRK-USA Hanoi Summit

Scholars from Russia and other countries shared their viewpoints on the DPRK-USA Hanoi Summit Vietnam at a teleconference in Moscow on February 27.

At the event, Konstantin Asmolov, an expert from the Centre for Korean Studies of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies under the Russian Academy of Sciences, presented a panorama on the summit as well as expectations from the meeting.

Delegates focused on practical steps to loosen sanctions against Pyongyang, the DPRK’s commitments to denuclearization and the US’s recent response.

Professor Georghi Toloraya, who is in Hanoi for the summit, said the meeting between President Donald Trump and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim jong-un on February 27 took place in a friendly and open environment.

For his part, Professor Andrey Lankov from Kookmin University of the Republic of Korea (RoK) talked about socio-economic development in the DPRK.