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US-DPRK Summit 2019: Local firms offered chance to promote products

A number of Vietnamese businesses were selected to provide free services and products at the International Media Centre (IMC) when the second DPRK-USA Summit took place in Hanoi, enabling them to promote their brands to the world.

According to the organisers, almost 3,000 international reporters from more than 200 press agencies in nearly 40 countries and territories have arrived in Vietnam to cover the summit. Many of them had the opportunity to enjoy services and products provided free of charge by local companies such as Me Trang Coffee and Lavifoods, at the IMC.

Vo Trung Nam, Marketing Manager of Me Trang Coffee Joint Stock Company, said it was an honour for his company to be chosen as one of the providers of products and services for reporters of the second DPRK-USA Summit.

He said this is a good opportunity for Vietnamese brands to reach out to the world market.

“Through this event, we want to show international journalists about Vietnamese coffee. Many of them tried and were satisfied with the quality of our coffee. We hope that our coffee products can access more foreign markets after the summit,” Nam told the Vietnam News Agency (VNA).

“This year, our company sets an export target of 1 million USD,” Nam added.

Freberic Spohr, a freelance correspondent from Germany, who has tried and highly evaluated the quality of Vietnamese coffee served at the media centre He  said it was a good idea of the organisers to help local firms introduce their products at a such big international event as the DPRK-USA summit.

Vietnamese firms selected for providing products and services at the summit must meet strict international standards. Lavifood, a producer of processed fruits and vegetables for exports, was proud to serve one of the biggest international events in Vietnam.

Le Thanh, member of the Board of Directors of Lavifood Joint Stock Company, said in the light of high-tech agriculture, and to come up with processed products of international standards, Lavifood has invested much in modern technologies and machines from countries such as the US, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

To ensure the supply of raw materials, Lavifood has also tied up with farmers and cooperatives to ensure a stable value chain for its products which are frozen fruits, juices, dried fruits, soft-dried fruits, and fruit juice concentrates for export to the US, EU, the Republic of Korea, Japan, and Australia.

With its prestige acknowledged during the recent time, many opportunities are opening up for the Vietnamese firm.

“Many foreign journalists have tried our products and acknowledged their values. A Cuban press agency said they want to visit out plant to learn about the production chain. They are good signs for our products,” Thanh told the Vietnam News Agency (VNA).

He said Lavifood trademark has been recognised in some foreign markets and is expected to be more popular in the future.

“The second summit between the DPRK and the US is an ideal opportunity for us in particular and Vietnamese products in general to reach out to the world market,” he said.