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US-DPRK Summit 2019: Foreigners interested in DPRK-USA Summit

The DPRK-USA Hanoi Summit Vietnam is an international event that has drawn much attention from not only local people but also foreigners.

Among those down on the streets to welcome DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un who has arrived in Hanoi on February 26 morning, there are many foreigners who are highly interested in the event as well as Vietnam.

“Well I think this is a very important event, politically, so everybody in the world is gonna watch it,” said Jack Russel, a Slovenian holding a camera waiting for the entourage of DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un crossing the streets leading to Melia Hanoi Hotel.

Russel, who has worked in Vietnam for four years, told the Vietnam News Agency (VNA)’s reporter that Vietnam has become opener for foreign businesses and tourists, making it an ideal place for the summit.

Song Jin-ju, a Korean student, and her friends decided to come to Vietnam for a four-day holiday. She said she is lucky to be in Hanoi during the days when the summit takes place.

“My friends and I decide to travel to Vietnam because of good prices. Luckily, we are here at this time. The Korean people in my country are highly interested in this event,” said Song.

Meanwhile, Austrian Ambassador to Vietnam Thomas Schuller Gotzburg held that the event is a good chance for Vietnam to raise its reputation on the world stage.

“It’s good for Vietnam and Hanoi especially because media attention has already focused on Hanoi. Both sides put trust in the Government of Vietnam that they can organise the summit,” the ambassador told the VNA reporter.

The diplomat said Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general have organised many big international events, creating good chances for tourism development.

“Many people know that Hanoi can make big events. Next year you have F1 race in Hanoi. The more often you put Hanoi, Vietnam in international media landscape, the more tourists will come,” he said.

Working in Vietnam for 16 months, the ambassador is impressed by hospitable and friendly Vietnamese people. He also said the summit provides a good opportunity for Vietnam for attracting foreign investment.

“Investors would find that this is the place they can go. This country can host important events. It’s very safe and secured,” he said.

The DPRK-USA Hanoi Summit Vietnam is scheduled to take place on February 27-28. The event has attracted much attention from the world as it directly related to peace building in the region and there have been positive signals in the negotiation process since the first summit in Singapore in June 2018.