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US-DPRK Summit 2019: Foreign news agencies ramp up personnel for DPRK-USA Summit

Nearly 3,000 reporters from more than 200 news and press agencies in almost 40 countries and territories around the world have arrived in Vietnam to cover the second DPRK-USA Summit slated for February 26-27 in Hanoi.

Days before the DPRK-USA Hanoi Summit Vietnam, a large number of foreign reporters have come to the capital city to prepare for their reports about the event as well as the host country.

The Associated Press (AP) of the US sent 10 cameramen, photographers and reporters from AP bureaus across the globe to cover the summit and related events. In addition to cameras, they carried a lot of special equipment to serve their professional operations.

Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV has dispatched 24 reporters and staff members to Hanoi since February 18, said Nguyen Anh Duc, a reporter of the Phoenix TV Office in Hanoi.

To get “hot” news, the reporters waited all day at venues where are supposed to have information related to the second DPRK-USA Summit. They also appeared at the venues where are believed to accommodate US President Donald Trump and DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un or the sites where the summit is forecast to take place.

Reporter Hamid of Fuji TV (Japan) said he has been waiting at the Government Guesthouse for days to “hunt” for news.

Hamid, who had been in Vietnam in late 2017 when the country hosted the APEC Economic Leaders Week, believed that Vietnam would successfully organise the second DPRK-USA Summit and well serve foreign reporters.

Bureau Chief of Jiji Press Hanoi Tomokazu Tomita said the news agency will cover the second DPRK-USA Summit by three reporters, one photographer and two staff writers, including one reporter and one photographer sent from Tokyo, one reporter and one staff writer from Seoul and one reporter from Washington D.C

Many reporters have been in Hanoi for the first time and they have been impressed by the country and people, especially Vietnam’s efforts to accomplish preparations for the summit just after a short time.

Yoon Eun Sook, Director of the Aju News Corporation’s Global News Department, said: “This is my first time in Hanoi. I cannot speak Vietnamese so I cannot talk directly to Vietnam people. But I can see they are very kind to me and they like Korean culture.”

Regarding the selection of Vietnam as the host of the second DPRK-USA Summit, Yoon said Vietnam has good relations with both the US and DPRK, adding that Vietnam can provide a good chance for the US-DPRK negotiations.

Yoon also stressed that she was very impressed by Vietnam’s preparations for the summit just after a short time.