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US-DPRK Summit 2019: DPRK Chairman’s visit to Vietnam spotlighted

International news agencies on February 26 published various articles on the arrival of Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim Jong-un in Vietnam earlier the same day, beginning an official friendship visit to the country and attending the DPRK-USA Hanoi Summit Vietnam.

The official newspaper of the WPK Central Committee Rodong Sinmun described the trip as heating up the atmosphere in Hanoi and across Vietnam. Security has been tightened to the maximum level, while preparation for reception has been carefully carried out, it said.

DPRK media began covering their leader’s visit to Vietnam on February 24. This move was different from its tradition, as information on the DPRK Chairman’s previous trips to foreign countries was often released after he had returned home.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) had previously reported that the DPRK Chairman left Poyang on February 23, accompanied by senior DPRK officials, including Kim Yo-jong, alternate member of the Political Bureau and Deputy Director of the WPK Central Committee’s Propaganda and Agitation Department, and Vice Chairman of the WPK Central Committee Kim Yong-chol.

French news agency AFP, meanwhile, paid attention to local people welcoming the leader near Dong Dang station in Lang Son northern border province, with many waving Vietnamese and DPRK national flags along both sides of the road. It also mentioned security forces deployed to guard the station. 

From Indonesia, Tempo newspaper and Antara news agency focused on the preparations and security for the DPRK leader in Vietnam. Online news network Tributenews stressed despite having about only 10 days to prepare for the summit compared to the nearly two months in the case of Singapore, Vietnam still ensures optimal conditions for the event.

The DPRK-USA Hanoi Summit Vietnam, slated for February 27 and 28, is an international event that has drawn much attention from the world as it directly related to peace building in the region and there have been positive signals in the negotiation process since the first summit in Singapore in June 2018.