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US ambassador sings rap to wish Vietnam a happy Tet

A scene in the video featuring the US ambassador in Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink performing rap. Photo cut from the video
The US ambassador to Vietnam has proved he’s a talented rapper after performing a New Year message alongside a local artist.

Daniel Kritenbrink teamed up with rapper Wowy to perform the duet for his special message for Tet (Lunar New Year).

And already the song is proving a big hit on social media sites and has been featured in newspapers around the world.

The three-minute video was shot on the streets of the capital and features the ambassador singing: “I’m from Nebraska. I’m not a big city boy, then three years ago I moved to Hanoi.”

The video show Mr Kritenbrink walking around Hanoi drinking iced coffee and talking about his love of hotpots.

Top Vietnamese rapper Binz Da Poet praised the ambassador on social media, saying: Amazing, Good Job!”.

Some of the lyrics are also rapped in Vietnamese.

The ambassador sings: “Check the calendar, Tet is coming soon, Can Tho and Da Nang are in the mood. Xuan oi xuan da ve.

“Clean the house now, friends are on the way. Cash for the kids, blessings for the family, love for my parents and everyone around me. Nam moi binh an from mine to yours.”

Mr Kritenbrink has been the US ambassador for the past three years. Previously he served as senior director for Asian affairs at the National Security Council.