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Unique Hang drum art

Recently, music lovers in Hanoi had an opportunity to experience a new musical instrument known as the Hang drum.

The clear and distinctive sound is probably the first thing everyone notices when they hear the Hang drum - a type of drum originating from Switzerland. With a passion for musical instruments, Mac Thanh Long is one of the first musicians in Hanoi to learn to play this drum. Although he plays many different types of instruments, this one has given him a new feeling.

Crafted from iron alloy with an average diameter of about 50 cm, the Hang drum is a rare musical instrument and seldom seen on stage. With a simple design, the drum is suitable for quiet spaces and gives listeners a relaxing and gentle musical experience.

People of all ages have taken up the instrument and are fascinated by the unique shape and sound it produces.

In addition to performing alone, the Hang drum is also used in meditation spaces and yoga exercises to help people relax.