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Unique brocade weaving craft of Vietnamese ethnic groups

Brocade is considered a symbol expressing the cultural and spiritual lives of ethnic minority groups. To preserve this unique cultural trait, many localities have restored and developed the craft of brocade weaving in ethnic communities. Within the framework of the Vietnam Brocade Culture Festival, the traditional weaving profession was introduced to domestic and foreign visitors.

Brocade weaving has long been associated with the daily life of Vietnam’s ethnic groups. Each brocade product has its own culture and undergoes many stages that require meticulousness and skill from the weavers, who are women.

Within the Vietnam Brocade Cultural Festival, brocade items from 54 ethnic minority groups in 14 provinces were displayed and introduced to visitors.

In order to preserve and promote the value of ethnic brocade, a number of localities have introduced lending policies and held vocational classes. The greatest difficulty, however, is that many products don’t have stable output and only serve tourism purposes.

Retaining traditional brocade weaving not only preserves ethnic cultural values but also contributes to local socio-economic development. To preserve and promote the cultural and economic value of Vietnamese brocade weaving, it is necessary to have more supportive policies regarding market and product promotion./.