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Unexploded steel-pellet bomb unearthed in Hai Duong province

As many as 550 pieces of a steel-pellet bomb used by the US army during the war in Vietnam have been safely removed from the land plot of a family in the northern province of Hai Duong.

After being reported about a fragmentation bomb by the family in Nhi Chau ward of Hai Duong city, the sapper force under the provincial Military Command unearthed the steel-pellet bomb on December 27.

Two days later, they discovered 550 pieces of the steel-pellet bomb and successfully destroyed 250 out of them.

It is estimated that hundreds of pieces still not found in this area, which was previously a bomb crater.

The sapper force and local authorities are working hard to remove unexploded bombs in the area to ensure safety for locals.

The work is scheduled to take about seven days.-VNA/VNP