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Two Vietnamese films expected to be big hits during Lunar New Year 2022

Two Vietnamese films ‘1990’ and ‘Chia khoa tram ty’ will hit theaters during the Tet (Lunar New Year) holidays, in the hope of improving box office revenue after a gloomy 2021.

These blockbusters will go to cinemas nationwide or in localities where cinemas are allowed to open from February 1, 2022 (the first day of the Lunar New Year).

‘Chia khoa tram ty’ (A Billion Key) is an action-comedy film directed by Vo Thanh Hoa. The film stars Thu Trang and Kieu Minh Tuan, the duo that has starred in many movies with impressive revenue such as ‘Chi Muoi Ba: Ba ngay sinh tu’ (Sister Thirteen: Three Deadly Days) with 108 billion VND and ‘Tiec trang mau’ (Blood moon party) with about 170 billion VND.

Director Vo Thanh Hoa said that the filmmaking process went through many challenges.

There were times when the crew had to shoot continuously from 8pm to 5am the next day or sometimes actors had to wash their hair more than 10 times for the scene, he said.

‘A Billion Key’ is a story about a notorious assassin (starring Kieu Minh Tuan) who has the opportunity to make a fresh start in life. After losing his memory in an accident, he becomes to be an actor. With many funny situations, the film raises the question of whether he can change the past forever to live a new life.

Besides the famous duo Kieu Minh Tuan and Thu Trang, the film also features actors Anh Tu, Puka, Meritorious Artist Kim Xuan and Misthy - a famous Youtuber, streamer.

Director Vo Thanh Hoa also shared that he is collaborating with Thu Trang and the actress's production company on a new action-comedy called ‘Nghe sieu de’ (Super Easy Job).

Also in theaters on Tết holiday, the romantic comedy ‘1990’ by director Nhat Trung, producer ABC Pictures starring actresses Nha Phuong, Lan Ngoc and Diem My.

The trio plays a group of close friends at the age of 30 (born in 1990) with typical modern lifestyles.

While Linh Lan (Lan Ngoc) has a successful career and long-term relationship, she is afraid of getting married; Jessica Diem (Diem My) is famous but influenced by turbulent childhood; then Nha Ca (Nha Phuong), who seems to have the sweetest marriage is standing on the verge of breaking up.

All three leading actresses were born in 1990 and each role has details based on their real lives. This is one of the few Vietnamese films depicting the life of women in their 30s, an age with many changes in life.

However, besides the difficulties, in the film, the women also have a humorous journey to regain their youth, promising to bring joy to the audience.

The film had been postponed twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In April, ‘1990’ also faced many controversies when filmmaker Nhat Trung accused one actress, believed to be Nha Phuong, of having an unprofessional working attitude and refused to promote the film.

The actress's management company said the fault was not with the actress and said that “all speculations and accusations were unfair to Nha Phương”./.