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Tuyen Quang's Na Hang Nature Reserve – “Ha Long Bay” on mainland

Na Hang Nature Reserve bewitches visitors with its untouched beauty. Tourists will immerse themselves in natural wonders with crystal-blue water, airy space and magnificent mountains.
The Na Hang Nature Reserve, spanning Na Hang and Lam Binh districts of northern mountainous Tuyen Quang province with a total area of 21,000 hectares, boasts a diversity of natural scenery, rich flora and fauna ecosystems, in which the highlight is the Na Hang lake with an area of 8,000 ha of water surface.

The Na Hang lake was formed after the Tuyen Quang hydropower project accumulate water to serve electricity generation.

With its charming landscape and crystal blue water, the Na Hang lake is becoming a unique tourist hotspot. Na Hang in the language of the Tay ethnic minority group means “the last field”.

The Na Hang lake is surrounded by mysterious beauty, especially during autumn, Na Hang becomes even more quiet and romantic. Tourists can immerse themselves in the beautiful scenery with mountain tops covered by cloud and clear jaded water.

Each location here is associated with legends and sacred stories, from Pac Ta mountain - the convergence point of the Gam and Nang rivers, the symbol of Na Hang appearing among the clouds; Pac Ta temple worships and admires the fiancee of General Tran Nhat Duat, to the legend of Ai Cao mountain tells the story of a woman who sacrificed herself to protect the villagers from the invasion of foreign invaders.

Mo waterfall is right in the middle of the Na Hang Nature Reserve. The winding road leading to the waterfall runs under the canopy of primeval forest. From the beautiful blue lake on the top of Pac Ban mountain, the majestic waterfalls with mountain are waiting for adventurous tourists. At the foot of the waterfall is a small clear lake. If you are adventurous, you can dive to the bottom of the lake to admire the magical caves with stalactites of all shapes.

The highlight of Na Hang hydropower dam tourism is Tat Ke - Ban Bung Nature Reserve, which preserves the biodiversity values of Tuyen Quang forest. With an area of over 22,000 hectares about 68 percent is tropical forest still in primeval condition.

Here, the forest still preserves over 2000 fauna species, some of them are listed in the red book of Vietnam including yellow sandalwood, agarwood, especially hundreds of 2-3 metre diameter ginkgo trees. It also has 263 bird species, 61 reptile species, 35 species of frogs and 90 species of mammals, many species are recorded in the Red Book of Vietnam such as snub-nosed langur, white-cheeked langur. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has identified Tuyen Quang forest as one of the highest biodiversity value ecosystems in the world.

Moving along the Gam River towards Thuong Lam, amidst the majestic mountains and rivers, a stone pillar stands. It is associated with the legend of Tai Ngao.

Khuoi Nhi Waterfall is known for its breath-taking beauty. Tourists can enjoy the waterfall and feeding the fish.

Na Hang not only attracts visitors with the primeval forests stretching along two riverbanks but also by the extremely unique traditional culture. The unique characteristics of many ethnic groups are reflected in traditional festivals such as the Long Tong Festival (the Tay people), the Graduation ceremony, the To Hong festival, the procession of the bride (the Dao people) in unique brocade costumes. Besides, with 10000 year-old fossil unearthed at the archaeological sites of Phia Vai cave (Lam Binh), Phia Muon (Na Hang), this place is considered a cradle of the ancient Vietnamese people. Na Tham cave is a historical site, where Central Government printed and issued money during the war against the French.

Coming to Na Hang, tourists can visit and contemplate Pac Ta temple, Pac Vang temple, Phuc Lam pagoda (now in Thuong Lam commune - Lam Binh district) where historical, cultural and scientific values converge. Not only that, the culinary culture also attracts visitors when coming to Na Hang. Tourists can enjoy the special dishes which nowhere else has./.