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Turkey believes in stronger ties with Vietnam

Turkey believes in stronger ties with Vietnam On behalf of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Hakan Cakil expressed his thanks to search and rescue teams of countries, including those from the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA), for their effort in Hatay province following the devastating earthquake.

Meeting the VPA’s search and rescue team, Ambassador Cakil once again thanked them and the Vietnamese Government for providing necessities for Turkey.

He said medicines, medical equipment as well as other equipment sent by Vietnam are extremely important to the Turkish people at this time.

Cakil said he is moved by the Vietnamese soldiers’ sentiment when knowing that they withdrew part of their salary to support the Turkish people.

Turkey always wishes to develop relations with Vietnam in all aspects, he said, adding that the practical support of the Vietnamese team when Turkey is in difficulties is also one of the driving forces to cultivate bilateral ties.

He hoped that in the near future, Vietnam and Turkey will see new progress in their ties in various areas.

Maj. Gen. Pham Van Ty, Deputy Chief of the Office of the National Committee for Incident and Disaster Response, Search and Rescue and Deputy Director of the VPA's Department of Search and Rescue, expressed his hope that the Turkish Government and people will soon overcome the current difficult period.

Ty, who is also head of the VPA’s team, also believed that ties between Vietnam and Turkey, as well as sentiment between the two peoples will elevate to a greater height on the basis of mutual understanding./.