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Trash threatens Da Nang coral reef

Son Tra peninsula has one of the country’s most stunning coral reefs with economic and natural value. However, with increasing tourism activities, rubbish has become a major threat to the coral reef.

Nam beach, Son Tra peninsula has become a destination for those wanting to explore the coral reef. However, with a huge number of tourists comes a significant amount of rubbish, including fishing nets. They have become tangled with coral branches, creating a large dump floating at sea.

To rescue these coral reefs, volunteers have engaged in cleaning up trash. They come from many local units and join together to protect the marine life.

The local government has improved the protection methods and increased the monitoring of coral reefs and raised locals’ and tourists’ awareness of coral reef conservation. However, the problem still persists.

14 years ago, the coastal area in Son Tra peninsula had more than 190 varieties of coral, covering an area of over 100 hectares. In recent years, the number has been drastically decreasing. To preserve this valuable natural resource, the local government, tourism enterprises along with locals and tourists have been urged to join hands.