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Traffic accidents claim 5,659 lives in nine months

A total of 12,675 traffic accidents occurred nationwide in the nine months to September 14, killing 5,659 people and injured 9,619 others, according to a report of the National Committee for Traffic Safety.

The number of accidents dropped 4.28 percent compared to the same period last year, while the number of deaths and wounded victims also declined 5.87 percent and 6.78 percent in the period, respectively.

Among the accidents, 12,501 happened on the roads, 121 on the railways, 43 on waterways and 10 at sea.

September alone saw 1,344 traffic accidents cross the country, killing 563 people and wounding 1,032.

The month saw a yearly decrease of 7.95 percent in the number of accidents; 12.85 percent and 7.37 percent in that of deaths and the injured.