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Traditional celebration of Doan Ngo festival to be reenacted

An ancient ritual will be reenacted from June 21 at the Thang Long Imperial Citadel in Hanoi, as part of the celebration of the Doan Ngo Festival (which take place on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month).

During the Later Le Dynasty (1533 - 1789), kings hosted a ritual to give fans to all the mandarins during the Doan Ngo Festival in summer.
With the hot weather surrounding Doan Ngo Festival, the ritual showed the king's special care for the mandarins.

The event will introduce to spectators two main activities, including a special fan exhibition and ritual reenactment activities.

The exhibition space also introduces visitors to the unique customs of Doan Ngo Festival.

Particularly, the fan-giving ceremony, which is a special ceremony reserved for the Royal Palace for this occasion, will be recreated during the opening ceremony.

This year’s Doan Ngo Festival falls on June 22./.