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Traditional Ao dai on display in Hanoi

An exhibition highlighting 200 sets of Ao dai (traditional long dress) presented by 20 famous Vietnamese and foreign designers are underway at the Vietnam Women’s Museum in Hanoi.

The exhibition, themed “Ao Dai on the heritage path,” brings viewers to many natural and cultural heritages through different patterns highlighting many aspects of life, cultural heritages and beliefs.

The collections of Ao Dai were made from diverse materials, contributing to bringing art and traditional features closer to the public.

Visitors to the exhibition will have a chance to learn more about the development history as well as the process of making Ao dai as well as materials of the costume.

Addressing the event, Vice President of the Vietnam Women’s Union Ton Ngoc Anh expressed her impression at the creativity of the designers and the beauty of the land and people of Vietnam that is depicted on the Ao dai designs.

Designer Laura Fontan said that Ao dai has connected her and Vietnam over the past 17 years. In this exhibition, the Spanish designer brings traditional Ao dai designs made of traditional material of Vietnam.

Ao dai, the traditional costume of Vietnam that is familiar among international friends, has a long history of development. Ao dai is diverse in designs and materials that varies in different regions.

The exhibition is part of the Vietnam Women’s Museum’s efforts to preserve and promote the values of Ao dai and bring Vietnamese heritage closer to the community. After the event, the Ao dai designs will be presented to the museum for continuous exhibition./.