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TikTok removes over 2.4 million videos posted by Vietnamese users

TikTok took down more than 2.4 million videos containing content that violates its regulations in the Vietnamese market in the first quarter of 2022.

Of the videos, 92.5% were removed by scanning technology and 88.7% were deleted before there were any views. Within 24 hours of posting, 94% of the offending videos were taken down from social media.

The videos were removed as they violated TikTok Community Standards such as containing hostile thought, violent extremism, nudity and sexual activities, illegal activities, violent and gruesome content, and acts of harassment, bullying and suicide.

The Ministry of Information and Communications has implemented solutions to force businesses providing cross-border services like Facebook, Google and Apple to comply with Vietnamese law, control, restrict, prevent and remove fake, bad, harmful and objectionable information on social networks.

In 2021, the ministry coordinated with agencies to handle and block about 2,000 websites, images and articles containing bad and toxic content./.