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Thousands of foreigners in Da Nang tested for COVID-19

Thousands of foreign workers and stranded tourists in the central city of Da Nang have been tested for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 as part of the city's efforts to fight the pandemic.

From August 21 to 25, more than 2,198 foreigners living in Son Tra district were tested.

Vice Director of the district’s Healthcare Centre Ngo Van Dinh Hoai said the testing aimed to find COVID-19 cases in the community and then implement quarantine in a timely fashion.

The testing was expected to reassure people in local disease prevention and control efforts.

Antibody ELISA and RT-PCR testing methods are used, according to Hoai.

On August 25 morning alone, more than 800 foreigners in the district's An Hai Bac ward had their samples taken as the city's Centre for Diseases Control worked together with the district's healthcare centre.

More than 30 health workers from Sơn Tradistrict’s Healthcare Centre worked to take samples at Le Do Secondary school and the ward’s police assisted people.

Interpreters sitting with police helped the foreigners during the testing process.

Head of the ward’s police division Major Doan Hoang Linh said that earlier, they and local health workers made a list of foreigners living in the locality.

Police gave people application forms in either English, Korean or Chinese to fill in their information.

Police informed about the testing to every foreigner living in the locality, Linh said, adding that police also worked with apartment building management board to take people to the testing place.

Testing results will be announced in the next two days./