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Tay Ninh province faces high risk of forest fires

Prolonged heat waves without rains have left 58,000 hectares of special-use and protective forests in the southwestern province of Tay Ninh at high risk of catching fires.

According to the provincial forest protection sub-department, the forests are located in the Lo Go-Xa Mat national park, Chang Riec cultural and historical site, Dau Tieng protective forest, and within forests of various local border districts.

The warning for the possible fires has been raised to level 5, which means the extremely high risk, as it is now the peak of the dry season.

Pham Chi Trung, deputy head of the sub-department, said competent teams have been deployed for round-the-clock patrols at blaze-prone spots, adding that they are fully equipped to ready for fire extinguishing at any time.

Thanks its prevention efforts, since the beginning of the dry season to date, Tay Ninh has recorded no major forest fire.