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Tay Ninh establishes new Lo Go-Xa Mat National Park

Vice Chairman of the Tay Ninh provincial People’s Committee Tran Van Chien has signed a decision on establishing a new Lo Go-Xa Mat National Park in the southern province by mergering Chang Riec historical and cultural forest with the existing Lo Go-Xa Mat National Park.

Bordering Cambodia to the north and the west, the park covers a total area of over 30,000ha in the communes of Tan Lap, Tan Binh, Hoa Hiep, Thanh Tay, Thanh Bac, and Thanh Binh in Tan Bien district.

The forest was formerly home to a resistance base and the headquarters of the revolution in the south during resistance wars against French and American aggressors and boasts famous sites such as the Central Office for South Vietnam and a tunnel network.

The merger is expected to help conserve and promote national historical and cultural monuments and protect biodiversity and natural resources in the two areas while developing eco-tourism in Tay Ninh./.