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Stricter measures to catch drink drivers

Tighter measures to control traffic problems such as driving under the influence of alcohol and unlicensed coaches are being implemented by Hanoi's traffic police force.

During the National Day holidays, more people are travelling in and out of the city. To enable safe and clear traffic during these days, Hanoi’s traffic police launched an operation inspecting and handling violations around crowded areas such as coach stations, malls and hospitals.

"We doubled our daily number of officers during these periods, and assigned them to coach stations and areas nearby," said Captain Le Van Dong of Traffic Police Team 6. 

"We aim to eliminate transportation services that violate rules of picking up passengers in unregulated areas, as well as taxis with unusually high fares."

Dong said Traffic Police Team 6 have captured many violations during the first few days of the operation. As the drivers are using sly tactics to evade the patrol, Team 6 is ramping up measures over the holiday period.

The holidays are also the time when people party and use alcohol. These instances can led to drink driving, which is dangerous to the driver and other peopleic.

A checkpoint established by Team 6 has registered dozens of drivers with higher than regulated amount of alcohol in their breath, in just under 30 minutes.

"Many violators did not adhere to our calls and tried to escaped," said Lieutenant Doan Tuan Anh of Traffic Police Team 6.

"The public needs to be aware of the grave consequences of drunk driving, so that they refrain from ever doing it. The punishment, in my opinion, should be harsher."/.