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Special books introduced ahead of Tet festival

Domestic publishers have introduced many special books in various types to provide readers with plenty of choices to enjoy during the upcoming Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday that will last for nine days.

Dong A Books Joint Stock Company, one of Vietnam’s leading book publishers and distributors, has published a book titled Sach Tet Nham Dan 2022 (Book for the Year of the Tiger 2022).

The book features a collection of stories, poems, songs, paintings and illustrations about spring and the Tet festival by 60 writers and painters, divided into six parts: Ky uc mua xuan (Memories of Spring), Van (Essays), Tho (Poems), Nhac (Songs), Hoa (Paintings), and Vi thanh (Conclusion).

Dong A has partnered with Tiem Mot - a bookshop chain available in 10 countries around the world -to deliver the book to Vietnamese people abroad.

For children, “Nham nhi Tet Nham Dan” (Tasting Tet of the Year of the Tiger) by renowned Kim Dong publishing house would be a good choice. It contains poems, paintings, comic stories and tips for cooking during Tet.

Meanwhile, Nha Nam Publishing and Communication JSC offers another choice for readers with its publication “Chuyen tra-Lich su mot thuc uong lau doi cua nguoi Viet” (Tea story-The history of a long-lasting drinking of Vietnamese people).

The book, the latest research by Tran Quang Duc, is a combination of historical documents about tea and the author’s thoughts about the past and present, along with interesting stories and poems about tea, and the techniques of making and enjoying tea./.