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Snow covers top of Mount Fansipan

Snow covers top of Mount Fansipan


Heavy rains mixed with snow occurred on Mount Fansipan in Sa Pa township, the northern province of Lao Cai, in early morning of December 28, covering the top of the highest mountain in Indochina at an altitude of 2,800m.

Snowfall started in the mountain peak as temperature fell below minus 1 degree Celsius. The snow rain lasted about three hours from 5am. Currently, snow is still falling heavily on the top of the 3,143-m mount.

Luu Minh Hai, former director of the Lao Cai Hydro-meteorological Station, said that this snowfall is similar to that of February 2021. He predicted that on the following days, snow and rain will continue to fall and cover the top of Fansipan.

The majestic beauty of the mountains and forests combined with the snowy scene give Sa Pa a look of a fairyland. The site is expected to draw a large number of visitors as the New Year holiday is coming.

On December 28 morning, the Sun World Fansipan Legend cable car brought the first visitors to the top of Fansipan to enjoy this impressive scene./.